Kaka NFT Will be listed on Gate.io and pancakeswap exchange after Presale end.


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Aggregator platform for multiple types of games


Prediction market

Metaverse Art Gallery


Crypto Avatars - KAKA Rabbit, Metaverse key

Value enhancing mechanism

IP NFTs for staking

Gaming NFT for repurchase mechanism


Virtual avatar and social system

Independent economic system

An open world for users to explore and create

Gaming API



On 28th, Marvel cards of NFT mystery box were released on DODO platform and sold 4837 pieces, which valued $820,000 dollars.

Investment of Series A completed. It is jointly invested by AU21, Waterdrip Capital, Consensus Labs, Infinity Labs, and BIP32, for an estimated total value at 15 million USD.


On 3rd, KAKA was listed on Binance Smart Chain MVB top list.

On 10th , Marvel & KAKA Paul Frank NFT Mystery Box were released on TheForce platform. 500 pieces of these mystery boxes were sold out in 10 seconds.

On 28th, the first game Troland of KAKA had the first private beta, which illustrated value of cards and optimized smoothness and fun of the game.


On 21st, the genesis reopening mystery boxes of official KAKA Chan series were sold out 1183 pieces in less than 12 hours

On 17th, KAKA cooperated with Cointelegraph Chinese, held Independent Women Selection Competition during NFT trend, the competition focused on the charm and power of women in the blockchain industry.

On July 30th, Troland had the 2nd-round private beta. Mining(tokens) was implemented.


On Aug 2nd BakerySwap launched event of limited-edition One Piece reopenable mystery boxes and sold out 1,116 pieces valued at $100,000 USD which won an amazing reputation in secondary market for genesis gameplay.

On Aug 25th , KAKA cooperated with Binance NFT, launched the event on Sci-fi Metaverse Hybrid Mystery box sale and all 30070 boxes were sold out in seconds.

The KAKA Troland, the global e-sports competition includes offline club competitions and online global competitions, launched by the KAKA Chinese community.


KAKA launched Troland's public beta with addition of insurance items and a BNB mining mechanism through game battling to begin the journey of blockchain gaming


Launched the crypto avatar KAKA Rabbits Sale in Binance NFT Marketplaces and sold out in second for each batch.

Perform IDO for the platform token $KAKA.

Officially launch the 1st play-to-earn game Troland

Optimize the token’s economic model and market value management.

Complete the market value deployment and value management of DEX.

Choose high-quality CEX(s) for cooperation at the right time.

Public Test for our second game (football game)



Complete the standardized interface for the card games and open the standardized interface up for development teams and projects out there who wish to enter blockchain gaming. They just need to have their own IP and artwork. The already small economic model can be easily transformed to publish their own blockchain games on KAKA NFT using KAKA's game rules.


Complete the introduction of more than 10 card games.

Launch the second new standardized interface game, which will be a simulation type game. At the same time, this game will continue to use the economic system of KAKA NFT World. The opening of the new game will bring great boons to the economic profitability of KAKA NFT. (You do not need to pay special fees using KAKA‘s standardized card game interface to launch your own game, but you do need to hold a certain amount of KAKA tokens and pledge it.) The platform uses this mechanism to ensure that projects that utilize the interface will not harm the interests of platform users and gamers using underhanded tactics.


Open the user value exchange between the Metaverse art gallery and the gaming platform.

Have a standardized game publishing platform, NFT art gallery (supporting auctions and exhibition activities), a derivative store with trendy goods that supports users across the globe simultaneously.

Enter a period of diversified value development on multiple fronts. KAKA tokens will become an important economic value support and indicator for performance.


Reform its multiple business integration models.

Launch Prediction Market

More traditional investment institutions will join and invest in KAKA NFT’s global businesses. At the same time, KAKA will begin to deploy games on PS and Mi

Initial Total Supply: 100 Millions Final Supply: 21 Millions

Licensed IP NFTs
Mystery Boxes

Licensed IP NFTs and
Mystery Boxes

KAKA Rabbit

KAKA Rabbit Physical
Products Business

Auctions of

Auctions of

KAKA owns multiple world-renowned brand IPs and have not only minted them into rare NFT Card Mystery Boxes but also added gameplay layers such as re-opening and FOMO prize pools. This attracted many fans and players, which led to the Mystery Boxes being issued on multiple major platforms such as Binance and Okex. Issued cards have high premiums on the market.

KAKA Rabbit is one of the original IPs created by KAKA and world-renowned CG artists. It is limited to 10,000 pieces worldwide with each image being unique. It is currently an extremely popular crypto avatar. Users who hold KAKA Rabbit can enjoy multiple benefits. They can get official airdrop rewards from time to time. With KAKA officially developing physical products based on the images, players who hold their corresponding NFTs can get dividends from their physical sales.

Toys, as one of KAKA’s main businesses, aims to open the boundary between the virtual world and reality. In the future, KAKA will work towards a host of toys. NFTs sold will potentially become popular toys. The strong brand effect and the broad audience fanbase will greatly enhance the products value held by players and help players reap its benefits.